Unleash the Fun: Summer Activities at Grande Shores Ocean Resort

Join us every Wednesday to Sunday for exciting and engaging activities for kids. From sandcastle competitions to pool games, your little ones will have a blast all summer long!

Family sitting on the edge of the outdoor pool at Grande Shores Ocean Resort and playing a game with a bucket of water
Two children outside at Grande Shores in Myrtle Beach wearing paper owl and giraffe masks colored in with crayon
Woman sitting at a table outdoors with childrens toys in baskets on the top of the table and an orange sign that says Activities Table

Welcome to Grande Shores Ocean Resort, where family fun takes center stage! We're thrilled to offer a fantastic lineup of children's activities throughout the summer months, right up to Labor Day. Whether your kids are nature explorers, creative artists, or sports enthusiasts, our engaging schedule has something special for everyone. 

Activities Schedule
Wednesday fun day

9:00am - Sand Castle Competition: 

Let your little architects showcase their sandy masterpieces!

 10:00am - Shark Tooth Hunt: 

Unearth hidden treasures on the beach like real-life explorers!

 11:00am - Wacky Relay Races: 

A hilarious race that'll keep the giggles coming! 

12:00pm - Balloon Bop: 

Kids will jump, bop, and laugh in this thrilling game! 

1:00pm - Paper Airplane Races: 

Watch paper planes soar and compete for the highest flight!

 2:00pm - Arts & Crafts ($5.00): 

Let imaginations soar as we create exciting art projects together.

Thrilling Thursday

9:00am - Animal Guessing Game: 

Can your little ones guess the animal sounds correctly? 

10:00am - Beach Games: 

Fun in the sun with beach-inspired games for endless laughter! 

11:00am - Lawn Games: 

Classic outdoor games that bring families together! 

12:00pm - Sea Shell Scavenger Hunt: 

Hunt for beautiful sea treasures along the shore! 

1:00pm - Splashtastic Pool Games: 

Exciting water games to keep everyone refreshed! 

2:00pm - Arts & Crafts ($5.00): 

More creative fun awaits as we dive into our crafty projects.

Fantastic Friday

9:00am - Penguin Shuffle: 

A cute game that will have everyone shuffling like penguins!

 10:00am - Paper Airplane Races: 

More flying fun for aspiring aviators! 

11:30am - Sand Castle Competition: 

Another chance to build sandy marvels and win! 

1:00pm - House Making Contest: 

Get creative with building structures from household items! 

2:00pm - Slime Time: 

Ooey, gooey, and utterly entertaining—slime making extravaganza! 

3:00pm - Arts and Crafts ($5.00): 

Round off the day with a fun and artistic touch.

Super saturday

9:00am - Beach Volley: 

Dig, set, and spike the day away in a friendly beach volleyball match!

 10:00am - Shark Tooth Hunt: 

Dive into excitement as we search for shark teeth! 

11:00am - Slime Time: 

More slimy fun, because who can get enough of slime? 

12:00pm - Wacky Relay Races: 

Laughter and camaraderie await in this silly relay event! 

1:00pm - Arts & Crafts ($5.00): 

Explore new art techniques and create lasting memories. 

2:00pm - Duck Races - Lazy River: 

Support a good cause and join our duck races to raise funds for charity. ($1 per ticket or 6 for $5.00)

sunday funday

9:00am - House Making Contest: 

Let's see who can build the most creative house! 

10:00am - Feather Game: 

Everyone will enjoy this fun-filled outdoor activity! 

11:00am - Lawn Games: 

Round off the weekend with classic lawn games!

 12:00pm - Drip, Drip, Drop: 

A water game to keep everyone cool and entertained! 

1:00pm - Splashtastic Pool Games: 

More pool fun before we bid farewell to the weekend! 

2:00pm - Arts & Crafts ($5.00): 

A chance to showcase artistic talents and create cherished mementos.

Scheduled activities are subject to change.

Join us for unforgettable summer moments! Book your family's stay at Grande Shores Ocean Resort today and let the kids dive into a world of fun, laughter and new friendships. Your family's perfect summer getaway starts here!