Beach Activities the Kids will Love

Are you looking for new activities the kids will love to do on the beach? We at Grande Shores know that finding activities for the kids while on vacation can be a little challenging. But we have come up with several that are kid-friendly and that everyone in the family will love. Let’s look below at what some of those beach activities the kids will enjoy.

Make a Sandman

Beach Activities the Kids will Love

Since it’s still summer and you won’t get to see snow, you will see lots of sand. So, instead of making a snowman, your kids can make a sandman. Each child will need a bucket, shovel and a little water to help build their sandman. Grab a few shells for the eyes, smile and buttons down the sandman. Find a piece of driftwood for the nose and hands. Take a picture with each kid sitting or standing next to their creation and take a picture to help remember the fun they had.

Skeeball in the Sand

This is a game that you will normally find in an arcade but can now be found on the beach. Allow your kids to make their own skeeball game in the sand by making a small lane and digging about 10 holes. You will want to make sure that this is in the shape of a triangle for you to be able to play the game right. Having a tennis ball on hand can be the “skeeball” to roll down the lane. Keep a tally of who gets the most points and just have a great time playing together with the family!

Sand Animals

Beach Activities the Kids will Love

Have you ever made sand into an animal before? Have each child pick out an animal they would like to make and allow their imaginations run wild. Each child will need their own bucket, shovel and a little water to help make their animal. This doesn’t have to be a difficult animal and if its something that they child came up with their own, then let them have fun. Bring a camera down to the beach and take a picture of each animal. When you get back home, print the picture and frame it.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Tic-Tac-Toe is a classic game that parents and kids love to play together. What a better way than to enjoy your time on the beach while you play this game together. All you need to have is a stick or a shell to draw the boxes for the game and to use to make the X or O. You can always keep score on who wins each time the game is played and give the winner a small prize.

While there are several other activities that the kids will love on the beach, these are just a few we wanted to share. If you still haven’t booked your next vacation to Grande Shores, now is the time. We can’t wait to see you and your family as you capture each memory made together!

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