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Posted on 5/19/2022

Top 5 Places to Eat in Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove is one of the most special areas in not just North Myrtle Beach, but the entire Grand Strand. It is the northern most section of our region and is a bit isolated because of the inlet and having no through traffic. Its certainly a destination and one of the most quiet and

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Posted on 4/19/2022

Family Entertainment at Night in Myrtle Beach

The Most Magical Experience in Myrtle Beach!It can sometimes be overwhelming when planning or choosing a night time activity for families when on vacation in Myrtle Beach. While a quiet evening at the resort or walking on the beach is blissful, some nights you need something extra. A little pizzazz

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Posted on 12/17/2021

New Year's Eve at the Beach!

The Best Way to Start New Yearâ??s Eve at the BeachThe Grand Strand certainly has itâ??s share of special times throughout the year with great festivals, holiday times like Memorial Day and the 4th of July, and of course, Christmas at the Beach. If you visit just about any time,

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Posted on 10/6/2021

Myrtle Beach Breweries

Your Grand Strand Beer Journey Begins Here! Myrtle Beach BrewsThe Fall is a special time of year on the Grand Strand. It'sa time where the entire beach can take a collective sigh and breathe a littleeasier after the annual summer influx of tourists, traffic, and heat. Theweather is a little cooler,

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Posted on 9/16/2021

Early Arrivals

Arrive too early? Don't get caught waiting! Thereâ??s nothing as exciting as going on vacation. Taking a trip with the people you want to most spend time with, in a location that is fun, while not working and doing exactly what you want, is the pinnacle of most peopleâ??s year. The

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Posted on 8/5/2021

Brookgreen Gardens: A Must Visit

The Alston CemeteryIn 1932, Brookgreenwas opened as a showcase for the sculptures of Anna Hyatt Huntington of ReddingConnecticut, a mastered artist whose Joan of Arc is a feature of New YorkCity's Riverside park. Anna and her husband, Archer had a great vision toaccent the natural beauty of the area...

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Posted on 6/22/2021

The Pull

Treasured moments like this is why you come to the beach. When you research your beach vacation, location is key.Whether you are staying in a condo, hotel, or beach house '? you have to makesure you are oceanfront or at the very least '? 2nd row, right acrossthe street. Myrtle Beach has a

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Posted on 4/16/2021

Piracy in the Low Country

Pirates left a lasting impression on the culture and economy of the Carolinas. When thinking of pirates, most inevitably have visions ofswashbuckling, flamboyantly dressed, buccaneers who bear resemblance to Jack,sorry - â??Captainâ?? Jack Sparrow or maybe Henry Morgan, from the Captain

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Posted on 1/26/2021

It's Back! The Return of the CCMF

One of the most exciting times of the year! photo from carolinacountrymusicfest.comThe biggest annual event in Myrtle Beach is coming back andthings are starting to feel like normal again! With 2020 being the mostchallenging year for well, everyone, it is such a relief to see one of thebiggest

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Posted on 12/9/2020

The Ocean Forest Hotel

An old postcard of the Ocean Forest HotelWhen we think of Myrtle Beach today, we almost always envision our beautiful coastline with white sand and relaxing waves. Along that coastline you'll see high rise hotels, condo buildings, and time shares from Cherry Grove to Georgetown. More than 60 miles

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