The Pull

The Pull

The Sea calls to us all…

They say that if you put a seashell (usually a whelk) up to your ear, that you can hear the ocean’s call. While you can get this same effect with a coffee can, there is definitely something romantic and primeval about returning to the sea on a regular basis. Merchants, adventurers, pirates, and sailors of all sorts have spoken through the centuries about this unseen force that pulls them to Poseidon’s realm. Whether you believe that we have all come from the sea through evolution or if there’s an intrinsic need to head to the edge of the world, one thing is for certain: The ocean has a pull on us all.

Through the years working in the vacation industry, I’ve heard folks say “I just need a beach trip” or “If I could just get down to the beach….”. It’s like there’s a homing beacon calling us all to get our toes in the sand where everything will be alright. If we could just make it to the beach…..we can relax. We can release. We can breathe. When we see that ocean for the first time as we make our way down Ocean Blvd. it’s pure magic. I remember my parents pointing it out as my cousins and I hopped up and down with excitement as the view of the glimmering Atlantic danced past the dunes. When we arrived at our beach house, did we all start bringing in luggage, sand toys, and food? Heck no! We all ran onto the beach with no plan in our minds, simply to take in the open space, beautiful waves, sound of the surf, and the taste of the warm, salty air.

We made it.

Kids playing in surf
Unpack? No way! We’re getting our feet in the surf!

All was right with the world…. Then, of course mom lets us know there’s cold cuts that are going to spoil if we don’t get that cooler unloaded and that if we tracked in sand – heads were going to roll!

There’s nothing like that very first moment, right after you arrive for your beach vacation. The entire stay is all in front of you, promising days of digging in the sand, swimming in pristine pools, seafood buffets, afternoon naps, and those indescribable evenings where anything is possible – be it excitement, relaxation, or romance. When you first arrive at your beach vacation, there is a metaphysical weight lifted off of your soul. We should all be so blessed to experience this.

family on beach with sparklers
Treasured moments like this is why you come to the beach.

When you research your beach vacation, location is key. Whether you are staying in a condo, hotel, or beach house – you have to make sure you are oceanfront or at the very least – 2nd row, right across the street. Myrtle Beach has a well-deserved reputation for being the #1 Drive-to beach on the east coast. There are absolutely amazing restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and more golf courses than anywhere in the WORLD, with more added each year. But – let’s not forget the main event, the reason why any of us are here: The deep blue, the brine sanctum, rocking us with gentle waves, delivering salty kisses, and washing away our cares. When you are looking through amenities like lazy rivers, onsite dining, and whether-or-not your hotel has a business center so you can work during your vacation (for shame!) – do not forget to include opportunity for those moments of clarity. The ones that only come with sitting on the sand or your oceanfront balcony, as the moon admires its luster in those tranquil waves. The ones where you think of nothing but the moment unfolding around you as you hold hands with your love or appreciate the laughter and joy of your children running on the sand.

beautiful resort by the ocean
The best of both worlds…

This is why the ocean pulls you. We can help make these moments happen. Trust in our dedicated staff to provide everything you’ll need to forget the ride down, the bills back home, and the silly argument over something unimportant. Give in to the pull of the ocean and let us deliver those memories that will be reminisced for all time.

Happy man at the beach

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

The Pull