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The Fall is a special time of year on the Grand Strand. It’s a time where the entire beach can take a collective sigh and breathe a little easier after the annual summer influx of tourists, traffic, and heat. The weather is a little cooler, resulting in lower humidity, perfect for long walks and sitting outside with a refreshing breeze. Going shopping is also a little easier with less stress and noise plus – there’s always great specialty fall foods and produce at markets. It’s a most welcome time when things slow down, a time when you can reflect and appreciate the simple pleasures of life. Like beer.


Yes, the Fall on the Grand Strand is a great time to experience one of our less well-known charms: our local breweries. Since the early 2000’s, the Myrtle Beach area has been quietly growing as a source of phenomenal and unique beers. It just makes sense as this area has grown tremendously in both tourism and transplants. The Grand Strand is becoming a true melting pot of cultures and beer is no exception. Folks from Pennsylvania have brought their traditional Germanic beers and universal flavor appeal. New Yorkers have perfected the I.P.A. and are blending tried and true flavors with local essences. And let’s not forget the great ales and lagers that are 100% SC, from great breweries like New South. With all the aforementioned regalements of autumn, coupled with Oktoberfest specialties, there’s not a better time to experience our area’s growing breweries.

Liberty Tap room restaurant Myrtle Beach
Liberty Tap Room is a great place to start your tasting journey!

Where do you start?

You can always start in one of the chain restaurants (which have some truly great beers, by the way) such as Gordon Biersch, the Grumpy Monk, Liberty Tap House, or American Tap House. These are 100% safe bets that you’ll find something you like and the food is exactly what you expect. If you don’t know exactly what you like or if you are traveling with folks who aren’t as enthusiastic or adventurous as you on your newly embarked beer crusade, these are where you start. These are especially good for families and if want to try a variety of food as well. The American Tap House particularly has a great selection of local brews and their bartenders and servers are very knowledgeable.  

Try These:

NEW SOUTH LILY THE GREAT RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT / Myrtle Beach, SC – at the American Tap House

Myrtle Beach, SC. Imperial Stout. 10.6% ABV. Rich, roasty and sweet flavors complimented by an assertive hop presence. This is a great, heavy imperial stout that you should probably just drink one of. Eat something light!

D9 Brewing Company Head of the Horseman (2021) Pumpkin / Yam Beer/ Huntersville, NC – at The Liberty Tap Room

10% ABV A great pumpkin seasonal beer, this is what you expect when you are looking for a true pumpkin ale. It puts you in the spirit of the season without feeling artificial like one of those pumpkin ales that are from the major beer distributors. “mind your head”!

Gordon Biersch MÄRZEN – at Gordon Biersch

Amber Lager 5.7% abv – An original Oktoberfest style lager. Extremely smooth, auburn colored with a mildly sweet Munich Malt finish. A fine representation of a traditional MÄRZEN from Bavaria. This has a very nice bite, finishes smooth and goes with any food. Very nice, I like!

Grand Strand Brewing Myrtle Beach Holding Beer
Grand Strand Brewing has a wonderful selection and is a short walk to the beach!

Of course, if you do want to be more adventurous and open your palette and schedule to experience the freshest and most earnest sampling of local brews, you’ll want to head directly to our breweries. Here, you will be able to talk to the folks who created the beer, who craft the beer, who LOVE the beer.

We have several breweries who have been putting out Myrtle Beach staples of hoppy delight. First, we have to mention New South Brewing. This has been a fixture in the Myrtle Beach Beer scene for over 20 years. Their two specialties are their Nut Brown Ale and their White Ale, both of which are fantastic! New South has a great tap room and they take great pride in their work.

The Tidal Creek Brewhouse also has some really delicious offerings. They are located at the popular Market Common and are close to all the great shops (which makes it a great place to wait while other members of your party may want to look around!). Tidal Creek has a really cool tap room with great music and atmosphere.

A newcomer to the Myrtle Beach Beer scene, Grand Strand Brewing Company opened its doors in February of this year. It is located downtown in Myrtle Beach, right across from where the old Myrtle Beach Pavilion stood (ah….the memories). It’s a great location as you are only 2 blocks off the beach and you can walk down the boardwalk after your visit. They offer excellent food and their beers have a lot of Myrtle Beach influence.

Beer Taps lined up Tidal Creek Brewery
The Taps at Tidal Creek Brewery are waiting for YOU!

Try These:

RAINY DAY Hefeweizen / Myrtle Beach, SC – at Grand Strand Brewing

Myrtle Beach, SC Hefeweizen – 6.0% ABV (available during happy hour). Full bodied and a frothy head. Notes of Banana and Clove. The Banana doesn’t overpower and it’s a delightful aftertaste!

Fiddler Festbier / Myrtle Beach, SC – at Tidal Creek Brewhouse

Myrtle Beach, SC Lager-Amber – 6.9% ABV. Clear, pale orange appearance; aromas of floral, woody and sweet malt. Rich malt structure with notes of honey, apricot, and warm bread crust. Soft, rounded malt base with a balanced, floral hop bitterness. The Apricot is really nice!

Nut Brown Ale/ Myrtle Beach, SC – at New South Brewing

Myrtle Beach, SC Brown Ale – English 4.8% ABV – Easy-drinking with roasty notes and English Hops. The White Ale is their flagship, but this is a personal favorite. This Nut Brown Ale is simply delicious and flavorful. Even better on tap!

New South is a must stop on your Grand Strand Brewery journey!

Having so many great new restaurants, breweries, and venues for local talent has been such a great boon to our culture and economy here on the Grand Strand. So many of the wonderful history, traditions and culture here get covered up by the miniature golf courses, beachwear shops, and tourist attractions. The next time you visit Myrtle Beach, be sure to head to a local brewery and strike up a conversation about beer with a brewmaster or bartender. It’s a treat to hear the details and hard work that goes into crafting something so beautiful!

“God made beer because he loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Ben Franklin

Man with beer smiling

Jason Coker is originally from the metropolis of Burlington, NC and is passionate about vacation experiences. An aficionado of music, sports, and all things geeky, Jason spends his free time performing music, grilling out, and relaxing with his son, daughter, and lovely wife, Amy.

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