Greg Rowles Legacy Theatre

Greg Rowles Legacy Theatre – the best and newest LIVE entertainment venue on the Grand Strand! “Music and Memories” has a concert feel with unmatched talent including 4 singers and a live band. They will not only entertain you with an incredible selection of songs and comedy but also with personal stories of love, life, and music.

With only 800 seats, this beautiful theatre is intimate, unique, modern and the show is very interactive with the audience, leaving them feeling as part of the Legacy Family! ‘Music and Memories’ is a progression of music throughout the years including many different genres such as Classic Rock, Gospel, TV Theme Song Tribute, Country, Oldie Goldies and of course a Beach Music Section.

This show will have you singing, dancing, crying and in tears; but mostly, wanting more!
Four singers performing on stage at the Greg Rowles Legacy Theatre